Waste Compactor

Oilmax Waste Compactors can compact almost all types of dry garbage generated onboard and greatly reduces the volume of garbage using high capacity hydraulic power pack arrangement; In most cases the output from a compactor is a block of material which facilitates the shipboard storage of garbage and the discharge of the material in a port facility.

Our compactors are manufactured to high quality for powerful stroke & simpler in operation comprising automatic stroke and allow you to combine a week or two of garbage into one bag.

Marine waste like Empty Drums, Boxes/Cartons, Metal cans, Plastic Bottles, Cardboard, Paper, used filters & similar waste produced on board can be easily compacted to smaller volumes for safe & efficient storage.

Compacted waste (1/6 th of original volume) can be stored in more quantity for longer duration & can be disposed off at a convenient & most economical port reception facilities.

Salient Features:

👍 Rugged Design with a high compaction force

👍 Great reduction in Trash volume

👍 Semi-Automatic operation: Just operating a push button, ram will compress waste & revert back and will stop automatically.

👍 Safety interlock for door & Overload protection for motor

👍 Simpler operation and easier to Install

👍 Low Initial & operating costs with very little maintenance

👍 Substantial Reduction In waste handling costs

👍 Rapid compaction stroke with more compression output

👍 Heavy duty structure with fixed mounting arrangement