Hydraulic Oil Cleaning System:

The extension of service life of hydraulic and lubricant oils onboard is gaining prominence due to many considerations including environmental pollution, conservation of natural resources and the economic benefits associated with extended oil service life.Particulate contamination can degrade critical physical properties of hydraulic oils, promote oxidation/hydrolysis of the base stock and induce depletion of additives. The resulting breakdown of oil properties leads to increased chemical and physical wear processes. The removal of fine dirt is important in extending the service life of hydraulic oils.

Majority of hydraulic system failures are related to particulate matter contamination of the hydraulic oil. Taking care of the oil in the system will prevent the untimely replacement of the oil, save considerable costs, and protect the hydraulic equipment.

Contamination is often found in the hydraulic systems on which much of the expensive, vital machinery aboard ship depends for its power and control. This dirt is too small for the naked eye to discover which can contaminate hydraulic fluid, enough to bring things to a grinding halt. The incorporation of Oilmax Centrifugal Filters having filteration efficiency upto 1 micron in addition to inline filters provide effective means to control particulate contamination in hydraulic and lubricant fluids.


👍 Winches, Windlass

👍 Bow, stern and azimuth thrusters

👍 CP propellers

👍 Deck cranes

👍 Hatch covers

👍 Steering gear

👍 Ramps

👍 Hydraulic lifts

👍 Framo system

👍 Stern tube lube oil

👍 Steam turbine lube oil

👍 Thermal oil etc.