High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner

Fast and efficient cleaning using fresh water as a tool, high-pressure jet system removes stubborn and heavy deposits with much ease within minutes without causing damage to the surface below it. High pressure water jet cleaners are widely used on ships> for various applications and proved very efficient. Water jet cleaning is different than conventional cleaning processes since it uses much higher water pressure with less water consumption. This method is perfect for internal and external surfaces because the spray gun operator is able to access those "hard to reach" areas such as piplines, tanks etc.

Technical Specifications:
Sr.No. Model Working Pressure Flow Rate Electric Motor Power Weight (Approx.) Size (LXWXH) Cm
1 HPC 250 250 Bar 15 - 18 LPM 10 HP, 3 - Phase 150 Kg 60 X 50 X 80
2 HPC 500 500 Bar 15 - 18 LPM 25 HP, 3 - Phase 300 Kg 110 X 70 X 100


👍 General purpose cleaning and removing dust, barnacles, marine growth, rust & loose paint on ship's deck, bulkheads, pipelines, hull etc.

👍 Cleaning Boilers tubes, Heat exchanger tubes, Ballast & storage tanks, Cargo tanks.

👍 Preparing surfaces prior to application of protective coatings/paints.

👍 Cleaning piping systems like sea water Lines, sewage Lines etc.

Special Features:

👍 Triplex Reciprocating High Pressure Pump.

👍 Inbuilt SS Tank with Low Level Water cut-off System.

👍 Fully Ceramic Plunger.

👍 Heavy Duty MS powder coated Trolly.

👍 Heavy Duty Unloader Valve.

👍 Straight Jet and Rotary Jet Nozzle.

👍 Automatic Bypass valve, Pressure shut-off safty valve.

👍 Long service life and reliable operation.

👍 Pressure can be adjusted as per requirement.

👍 Trigger gun with SS Lance.