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Oilmax Systems Pvt Ltd is an ISO & CE Certified leading manufacturer of Centrifugal Lube Oil Cleaners for Marine Engines & Hydraulic equipments on board ships. This System is very useful for improving component life & reducing cost of engine operation & Maintenance. We have installed 50 thousand units in diesel engine applications worldwide with excellent results. Our system is used for continuous & 100% cleaning of engine oil , hydraulic oil, diesel oil, gear oil, turbine oil etc. on-board ships.

Why Centrifuge

Although increased government regulations have caused significant challenges to today’s marine industry, there are answers. Bypass Oil filtration, in addition to an effective oil analysis program, is the best way to protect these expensive engines and improve the economies of operating them.

Engine oil filters are designed to remove particles down to an average of 30 microns in size. However, a wear study by a major engine manufacturer concluded that the most damaging particles to an engine are smaller than 10 microns in size. Oil bypass filters, installed in parallel with the engine oil filter, remove engine particles down to an average of 1 micron in diameter. The result is decreased generation of used oil, longer intervals between oil changes, increased engine life, and money saved.

Applicable for:

  • Merchant Vessels, Naval ships, Dredgers, Passenger vessels, Offshore vessels, Oil rigs, RTG Cranes , Port equipments, Oil terminals and many more marine applications.

Product Benefits

Image 1 Reusable By Pass Filter. No Replacement Element, No Recurring Cost.
Image 2 Finest Lube Oil Cleaning upto 1µ. Most effective for removing carbon soot & fine dirt from lube oil. Traps 99 % of Harmful contaminants.
Image 3 Improved engine operation, Increased engine life, Lube oil life & Filter life.
Image 4 Substantial Savings on Cost of Filters, Lube oil & Engine Spares. Extends Lube oil drain intervals.
Image 4 Innovative centrifuges with heavy duty mounting brackets & accessories along with complete Installation kit for retrofit which makes                   Installation & servicing much easier.
Image 4 Competitive prices & excellent quality products with minimum Payback period.
Image 4 Apart from Hydraulic system & main engine Installations onboard , well proven and tried out on various auxiliary engine models of MAN B&W,                  DAIHATSU, YANMAR, HIMSEN, MAK, WARTSILA ,                  CATERPILLAR, VOLVO PENTA, CUMMINS.
These include extended oil change intervals, reduced engine wear, reduced oil purchases and disposal costs, increased engine power and performance as well as improved fuel efficiency. The addition of our Oil centrifuge on your vessel will begin paying for itself immediately.


A $1000 Centrifuge filter protects your $10, 00,000 equipment

Why Oilmax

With the vision of creating better Environment and for optimizing engine operating expenses, Oilmax has developed innovative oil cleaning solutions of highest quality since 1995. The world is increasingly focused on saving energy and protecting the environment. Oilmax is committed to those goals. Engineered for high performance, our centrifuge will provide long-term protection to your engine/system combined with our premium customer service.

Our products are tried, tested and well proven worldwide and are being used for oil cleaning in marine as well as industrial applications like heat treatment, wire drawing, fastener manufacturing, grinding, honing, furnace oil, cement industries, power plants, automobile and auto component manufacturers etc. with large industrial base across globe. Our products are exported all over world including Far East Asia, Middle East, South-East Asia, Europe, South America, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK etc.

High reliability, Environment friendly, Uncompromising quality.