Centrifuge For Engine Lube Oil Cleaning

Efficient filtration up to 01 micron extends oil service lifetime, there is a measurable reduction in lube oil consumption of marine diesel engines using centrifugal oil cleaners.


This model is directly mounted on engine and is driven by engine lube oil pressure. Since mounted in bypass line, it only takes a small flow from lube oil discharge line and cleans oil by removing particles upto 01 micron by achieving rotor speed upto 8000 rpm. It is a multi-pass cleaning process and completely removes the finest dirt from oil including carbon soot which conventional in-line filters cannot remove. Engine mounted centrifuge is particularly useful for all auxiliary engines & some of the main engines also.

We supply centrifuge along with complete installation kit including heavy duty mounting bracket, stainless steel inlet hose,
gasket, nut-bolts, and spares & tools etc.

Engine Mounted Centrifuge Selection Chart:

Centrifuge Model SCC 025 SCC 050 SCC 100 SCC 200 SCC 400 SCC 600
Flow Rate 250 LPH 500 LPH 750 LPH 1200 LPH 3000 LPH 4000 LPH
Rotor Volume 250 CC 500 CC 1000 CC 2000 CC 4000 CC 6000 CC
Engine Oil Sump 30 Ltrs. 60 Ltrs. 120 Ltrs. 700 Ltrs. 2000 Ltrs. 3000 Ltrs.


This is independent & portable standalone system which has inbuilt pump & motor thus no need of engine oil pressure for drive. It can be moved on wheels from one place to another and can be used for multiple applications on-board where engine mounted centrifuge can’t be fitted. Standalone system is particularly useful for main engine & other oil cleaning applications on-board like Diesel Oil Cleaning, Hydraulic Oil Cleaning , Gear Oil Cleaning and many more.

We supply this unit as per power supply requirements available onboard, available in multiple voltages & multiple frequency range.

Standalone System Models:

Oil Cleaning
Systems Model
Flow Rate
Dirt Holding
( W X D X H) Inch
OCS 500 SCC 075 500 LPH 500 CC 24 x 14 x 32
OCS 750 SCC 100 750 LPH 1000 CC 24 x 14 x 34
OCS 1500 SCC 200 1500 LPH 2000 CC 24 x 16 x 39
OCS 3000 SCC 400 3000 LPH 4000 CC 30 x 18 x 42
OCS 4000 SCC 600 6000 LPH 6000 CC 30 x 18 x 46

Portable Diesel Filtration Unit:

Unit is designed for diesel oil filtration to remove particulate from diesel oil ensuring optimal fuel quality which prevents wear on fuel injectors, pumps, and valves. Stainless Steel Cleanable Primary filter of 50 microns & secondary filter of 25 microns are provided; different micron ratings are provided as per requirements.

Application : Lube Oil Cleaning of Auxiliary Engines & Main Engines, MGO/ MDO Cleaning etc.